Covid Safety Guidelines & Procedures

  1. Limited class sizes to allow for social distancing. Students must reserve their class on the ZEN APP each week.
  2. The mat & any equipment used in class will be Sanitized after each class.
  3. Student should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to their class time and must wait at the front door to be checked in.
  4. Students WILL NOT be permitted into class once the class begins. Arriving late to class not only disrupts the class, it requires us to change our safety protocols.
  5. Anyone entering the studio must have a face covering on at all times and will have their temperature checked. No one will be permitted inside the studio with a temperature reading of 100.4 F or higher.
  6. Everyone will be required to use hand sanitizer when they enter & leave the studio.
  7. No parents/guardians will be allowed in the lobby.
  8. For the CUBS class, one parent/guardian will participate in the class with their child.
  9. Students are encouraged to use the restroom prior to coming to the studio.
  10. Bring your own water bottle.
  11. Students should have their Uniform on & Belt tied correctly prior to entering the studio. If the student’s belt falls off during class, we will have them train without a belt.
  12. BBC members & Black Belts only. We will now offer Sparring & Weapons Class with Safety Guidelines.
    1. Sparring Class will focus on teaching technique and strategy.
    3. Sparring class, have your gear on (except your head gear & mouth piece) BEFORE you come to class. Bring your gear bag to class.
    4. Weapons Class. Bring your gear bag with your head gear and weapons.
  13. During the class we will implement ground & standing stretching.  Targets, standing bags, and equipment will be used during the class.
  14. Parents need to pick up their child ON TIME. Students will not be allowed to wait in the lobby.
  15. Heritage & Woodbury locations only.
    1. Students will ENTER through the FRONT entrance & LEAVE through the BACK entrance.
  16. We reserve the right to add or change these guidelines and procedures as we deem necessary.

IN STUDIO” classes Instructions

BEFORE you arrive for class you must:
  1. Read your Zen App instructions & Reserve your class thru ZEN member app.
  2. Digitally sign the COVID-19 waiver on the Zen app.
  3. Read the Covid Safety guidelines.
  4. Answer these questions before you attend each class. You must answer “NO” to all these questions before you can attend class. COVID-19 screening questions. 
  • Have you been in close contact with confirmed case of COVID-19?
  • Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or sore throat?
  • Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?
  • Do you have underlying medical condition or do you live with someone who has underlying medical condition?

When you arrive at the studio, please follow these steps.

  1. Arrive 5 minutes before your class begins.
  2. NO LATE ENTRY. Once the class begins, students will not be allowed in class.
  3. If you reserved the class and didn’t cancel your reservation on your Zen App then it will still be counted against your weekly class allowance. No Make ups for classes you reserved and did not attend. You have 4 hours before the class begins to cancel your reservation.
  4. Have your face mask on & have your belt tied before you enter.
    • How to tie belt video. Go to Click on “student login” on the top right and login with your Zen account email and password. On the left side, click “school information” and then click “how to tie belt”.
  5. All students must be accompanied by a parent when you check in at the front door.
  6. While you are waiting to check in, maintain 6 feet of social distance.
  7. Have your temperature checked with a non-touch forehead thermometer
  8. Sanitize your hand. We will provide this.
  9. Place your shoe in the shoe rack and water bottle on the lobby counter
  10. Instructor will check you in.
  11. There will be numbers on the mat. You will be given a number each time you attend class.  That number is where you will stand (no sitting) to wait for the start of the class
  12. You will be dismissed in organized manner and your hands will be sanitized as you exit
  13. Parents, please pick up your child on time. Students will be dismissed outside and will not be allowed to wait inside the lobby.